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Lärmkunst disponible dans le coffret Musique Mécanique édition limitéeé.

Released as a bonus CD on "Musique Mécanique Limited Edition"  boxset.

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noise as music + music as noise. noise from music + music from noise. Acoustic instruments and pure noise blended with real time treatments-mutilation-manipulation.
Absolutely no synthesizers used.

 "If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience."       John Cage (1912 - 1992) 


mp3 samples


Larmkunst main theme by Daniel Diaz
 Dactilograficas by Daniel Diaz
Larmkunst piano by Daniel Diaz

Larmkunst: Liner Notes:

The original idea was purely experimental:
noise as music + music as noise. noise from music + music from noise. Acoustic instruments and pure noise blended with real time treatments-mutilation-manipulation.

But eventually, instead of a work in the glitch & noise music style so in vogue since the mid 90’s, I ended up integrating those glitches and sonic artefacts into more traditional compositions, and sometimes I even used standard “song writing”.

Most of the tracks here include two kinds of sound sources: music and noise.

Musical sound sources consist of performances that are, in essence, pure and simple, mostly music performed on just one or two acoustic instruments. This performances are treated (usually in real-time) with analogue and digital processors and then edited, altered, tampered, distorted, and heavily transformed, pushing the boundaries between sound and noise. This creates additional tracks to be used as noise and background.

As for the noise sound sources: some “pure noise” sounds (field recordings, noises generated from instruments, switches and cables, tape distortion, processing errors, no-input mixer, AM radio interference, vinyl cracking, pots, pans, bins, typewriter, alarm clocks, etc) were used along with noise sounds created by the use (and abuse) of overdrive and distortions applied to simple, clean and pure sounds sources: acoustic pianos, classical guitars, the sound of the wind, etc.

So, musical notes and phrases performed on acoustic instruments have been transformed to create textured noise (most of the “noise” sounds are actually excerpts from the performed musical –instrumental- tracks, manipulated and metamorphosed beyond recognition), and on the other hand pure noises were transformed to create musical material, sometimes playing melodies by means of pitch shift. Other effects and processing includes prominently: delays, echoes, filters, overdrive, distortion, and treated reverb.

This project started as a derivational work from two other projects I’ve been working on during 2008-2009: “musique mécanique” and original music for Réné Loyon’s version of Tennessee Williams’ “suddenly last summer”. While working on M.M. I fell under the charm of manipulated delays playing rhythmically along real time human performances and the use of mechanical objects to perform music, while “suddenly…” needed background noise as a presence and soundtrack (mostly bayou’s swamp and jungle noises) and once these noises treated, manipulated, and blended with standard music, I found them to be plain beautiful, not just as background ambience, but as musical parts and statements as well.

Part of the fun of producing this music is that I wanted to limit myself to a small number of sound sources (sometimes just one) and create a wide palette of sounds and tracks from that source, creating noise, texture and music out of that single performance.


dd summer 2010

Larmkunst track list :

1. clockworks 1 analog/metronomikas 2:20
2. lärmkunst main theme 3:40
3. bamboo lärmgroove 2:16
4. lärmkunst piano 3:20
5. dactilograficas 3:13
6. flutes ambient 3:05
7. bamboo+metronomes: the painfull clixs 2:27
8. lärmkunst noisy theme 3:37
9. clockworks 2 digitales 2:31
10. guitars distort 3:06
11. soudain….opening sequence 2:43
12. soudain….guitar noise drone 1:37
13. soudain….finale 3:51
14. soudain….main theme 5:21
15. lärmkunst folk 4:14
16. clockworks 3 bad ben 2:34
17. lärmkunst deconstructed theme 4:44
18. blow… 2:28
19. …wind blow 2:20
20. lärmkunst final theme 4:19



Full track list & details here




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La rue sexuelle s’anime
le long de faces mal venues,
les cafés pepiant de crimes
deracinent les avenues.

Des mains de sexe brûlent les poches
et les ventres bouent par-dessous;
toutes les pensees s’entrechoquent,
et les tetes moins que les trous.