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Daniel Díaz's LOW vol.1 streaming
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LOW Vol 1


All noises produced and recorded by D.D. at The Pleasure Dome, Paris, during 2005-2007.

No synths used, no drums, no percussion, no guitars,  just basses.

LOW Vol 1 Music Samples
Preview some tracks from DedeLand/Exodo's new release: Low Volume 1
Click on the control (MP3 player) to activate, then click play .
No synths used, no drums, no percussion, no guitars,  just basses.


Buy LOW 1: CD & Download - LOW

Buy LOW 1: CD & Download - LOW

Daniel Díaz Basses


LOW music for solo basses

May 2008: read Low's review on Indie-Music.com


>VALS POLACO   vals             3:47
Recorded Tracks :
Larrivée Acoustic (basic track)
Upright Bass: Bass part.
Steinberger Electric Bass: melody left channel.
Sekine Fretless: Melody Right Channel, Harmonics.
Steinberger Electric Bass: Volume pedal harmony.

A tribute for both Frédéric Chopin and the great tango composers that took Chopin waltzes as inspiration for many 3/4 tango classics (most notably Hector Stamponi)


>LA BAJA                    chacarera                          6:35
Recorded Tracks :
Field recording (ambience): Street noises in Paris 2003 (and rhythmic loop with those noises).
Steinberger Electric Bass: percussion groove (2tracks L/R).
Riverhead “Low” Bass: Basic groove and coda solo.
Steinberger Electric Bass: Melodies w
ith auto-wha.
Steinberger Electric Bass:  volume pedal background pad.
Steinberger Electric Bass:  distorition background.
Sekine Fretless: Double tracked (L/R) melodies.
Mixdown FXs: delay and reverb.

First song recorded for this project. A quite traditional chacarera , respecting not just the customary chacarera rhythm, but also it's structure and parts: introduction, verse, chorus.
The "bombo" pattern is
played with a muted electric bass. The solo over the coda's vamp features one of my accidental discoveries: my 4 string Riverhead with "floppy strings"...

Recorded Tracks :
L'arrivée 5 string acoustic bass, solo performance @ The Pleasure Dome Paris
June 14th, 2007 around midnight.

Traditional zamba (Rhythm and dance from Argentina's folklore), traditional in its fixed structure of: Introduction+12 bar theme+12 bar theme+12 bar chorus, the whole
played twice.
My very last composition sad and passionate...


Recorded Tracks :
L'arrivée 5 string acoustic bass, solo performance @ The Pleasure Dome Paris
March 3rd, 2007

A more classical piece (no improvisation throughout) written in Nantes, France, in february 2005..

>ABSTRACT N°3                      3:02
Recorded Tracks :
Steinberger Electric Bass: Tapping Basic part w/flanger pedal.
Steinberger Electric Bass: distortion+step fx track.
Steinberger Electric Bass: Volume Pedal (ending).
Sekine Fretless Bass Guitar: melody+armonics
Sekine Fretless Bass Guitar: melody+armonics (double tracked harmony).
Schecter Jazz Bass w/black nylon strings: groove.
Mixdown FXs: EQ, delay (2), panner, and reverb.

One of my improvised multi track "sonic etudes"
. Abstract, as its title clearly states, just a mood and different  sounds layered together.


>FAREWEL unaccompanied acoustic bass   4:12
Recorded Tracks :
Michael Kelly Dragonfly solo performance @ The Pleasure Dome Paris  December 4th 2006.

A heart felt tribute to the late great Michael Brecker. This song was inspired by his battle with leukaemia, and a comment I heard that he was probably going to pass
away quite soon. After listening  again to one of his (so many) great solos, I confirmed that the over used cliché "a great artist never dies, he lives in his art and legacy"
was absolutely true. When I composed and recorded this track Brecker  was still fighting and this was a melancholic yet hopeful  thought  about him.
Eventually he passed away much too young a month after this track's recording.



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