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TRIO Díaz-Rangell-Estrella  

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Daniel DIAZ: Bass
Bobby RANGELL: Sax&Flute
Javier ESTRELLA: Percussion

 Tracks in the CD:

  1. Candombe p’al Beto   by daniel díaz                                   (candombe)

  2. Bebê                           by hermeto pascoal                         (milongon/samba)

  3. Zamba 4                      by daniel díaz                                  (zamba)

  4. Milonga Donata             by daniel díaz                                   (milonga)

  5. Lluvias Costeras           by daniel díaz                                   (tango ballad)

  6. Chacabas                          by daniel díaz                                   (chacarera trunca)

  7. Luiza                               by antonio carlos jobim                    (vals)

  8. Rosa…Rosa                by sandro & oscar anderle               (milonga)

  9. Pop (Lugar Comun)    by daniel díaz                                    (pop ballad)

  10. Get Out Of Town         by cole porter                                   (bossa)

  11. Calcarea                     by daniel díaz                                    (ballad)

  12. And I Love Her           by john lennon & paul mccartney     (bolero)


Recorded at Angel Studio, Paris, France, May-June 2004
Produced by Daniel Díaz
Arrangements: Daniel Díaz, Bobby Rangell & Javier Estrella. « Bebê » et « Rosa…Rosa » arranged by  D.D.



Javier Estrella played his « third world » custom drum-kit : Snare, Hi-Hat, Ride and Crash cymbals, Djembé and Bongo (replacing hi-mid toms), Bombo Leguero (replacing low-tom),  Bombo Leguero with pedal (replacing kik drum), and cajon. In ‘Get Out of Town’ he played an Udu-Drum.
Bobby Rangell played his saxophones (Soprano in ‘And I Love Her’ ‘Lluvias Costeras’ ‘Luiza’ and ‘Candombe p’al Beto’,  Alto in ‘Pop’ ‘Zamba4’ and ‘Calcarea’) , Flute (ebony mouthpiece in ‘Chacabas’ and ‘Bebê’, métal mouthpiece in ‘Donata’ and ‘Get Out of Town’) and Piccolo (in ‘Bebê’ and  ‘Rosa’)
D.D. played his five string L’Arrivée acoustic bass guitar ( tuned E/A/D/G/C). Bass guitar’s Fishman tranducer went trought an ADA tube preamp.
Microphones: NeumanTL103 (bass and saxes), AKG EB451(flutes) shureSM57(cajon) et SM58(drums)AT4041 (overheads)  ShureBeta52 (Kick Drum)
During recording and mixdown no EQ was used, exempt for some HPF in the snare drum track in ‘Pop’.
Evrery part was played by each musician as if performed live. no ‘overdubs’,  excempt for a bongo overdub in the last section of ‘candombe p’al beto’.


Music Samples / MP3

An acoustic Bass Guitar providing bass lines and all harmonic support. A much unusual customized drum-set used as the groove keeper as well as a second soloist. Singing on top of it, a world class woodwind soloist with a huge array of styles and sounds in his palette.

The trio started in March 2004 with a brief concert in Paris. After that the decision of making a CD was a logical movement, because of the wonderful interplay and understanding between Daniel Díaz, Javier Estrella and Bobby Rangell

The all-acoustic sound and the wildly assorted song list gives as result a varied yet coherent album, with a beautiful mood and a strong personality. Diaz/Rangell/Estrella's live set is a warm, passionate and beautiful blend of improvisation and astonishing interplay between this three soloists and selected gorgeous pop-oriented songs and jazz standards. Sound, melody and harmony are an important part of this trio's "avant-propos", as much as high quality solos and deep grooves.

They performed live supporting the release of their first CD during 2005/2006, in France (Paris, Prades, Epinal, Boulogne, Beauvais) and Italy (Toscana) in jazz clubs, classical festivals.

During live performances the Trio might play a wide open song list including pieces from the CD and other personal readings of standards by: Randy Newman, Luis A. Spinetta, Cuchi Leguizamon, Chico Buarque, Jimi Hendrix, Mariano Mores, Pedro Laurentz, Charles Aznavour, Egberto Gismonti, Gilberto Gil, Cesar Portillo de la Cruz, Horace Silver, among others.




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Daniel DIAZ

Born in Buenos Aires , Argentina in 1963 , Daniel Díaz began playing bass in 1980. In 1983 he started to study theory, harmony, and bass and a year later he was working as a professional, backing several singers in small clubs around Buenos Aires. During the eighties he kept studying (harmony, counterpoint, ear training, etc.) attended to several courses and clinics such as: orchestration with Carlos Franzetti, Improvisation with Gary Burton, Production and Bass with Pedro Aznar, Tango History and Language with Horacio Salgán, and Argentine folkloric rhythms with "Cuchi" Leguizamon.

In 1992 he travelled the U.S.A where he studied improvisation (with Bruce Gertz and Oscar Stagnaro at Berklee College of Music in Boston)  and bass (with Mark Egan and Percy Jones in New York City and Alexis Skjlarevsky in LA.).
In 1993 Daniel recorded his first album: "The Years Alone ", released in the US and Canada in January’1996 by North American label Green Linnet/Xenophile. The Years Alone's eleven songs combine traditional argentine rhythms like Zamba, Chacarera, Cueca, etc. with non-traditional structures and sounds inspired in rock, jazz, and classical styles. In that album Daniel Diaz played most of the parts (bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion, drums, etc.) but included guest appearances of many fine South American players. He continued this career as leader/composer with “Segundo Ciclo”(1997)  released worldwide in 2002 by Timeless Records, Netherlands.

Since 1997 he lives in
Paris, France, where he’s been performing with several argentine-latin-jazz-tango groups, producing, recording and performing live.  He’s now playing with tango group “CheTango” and French singer/composer Elise Caron.

Discography :

As a Leader :
§       996 “The Years Alone” (Green Linnet/Xenophile 4031) USA.
§       1997 “Segundo Ciclo” (Timeless Records CD SJP 459) Pays-Bas.
§       2000 “Maquina Dura” (Dedeland004) France.
§       2003 “Latinos Kretinos” (Dedeland008) France. with Ana Guanabara&Paula Estrella.
§       2005 Lugar Comun (Dedeland009) France. with B.Rangell&J.Estrella.
       2006 Electro World Jam (Dedeland010) France. with many worldwide guests.
§        2007 Low Volume 1 (Dedeland011) France. with his basses...
Session player :
§       1987 Carlos Palmero "Revisión"(Redondel Records/Argentine). Bass.
§       1988 Lina Avellaneda "Marron y Plata"(Redondel Records/Argentine). Bass.
§       1991Xeito Novo (Celtic Music) (Argendisk/Argentine). Bass et Lead Bass.
§       1998 Juan Carlos Caceres “Tango Negro” (Mélodie, France). Bass Acoustic.
§       1998 Francis Lalanne “Sans Papiers” (Emi 1999) Bass.
§       1999 Pajaro Canzani “Trop de Capricornio” (Ayui, Uruguay). Bass
§       1999 Tierra del Fuego “ Del Otro Lado Del Otro Lado” (Tangram, France). Bass, Mix.
§       2000 Juan Carlos Caceres “Toca Tango (Mélodie, France). Bass Acoustic et Electric, keyboards, Coeur.
§       2003 Gabriel Gullliani “Ché” (Indep. Espagne) Bass, Keyboards, Programming.
§       2003 Les Edith Stein « libertitudes » (Indep. France) Bass, Keyboards, Programming.
§       2004 Angus Sinclair “Angus Sinclair” (Indep. France) Keyboards, Programming.
§       2005 Elise Caron “Eurydice Bis” (Harmonia Mundi, France). Fretless Bass.
§       2007 Peio Serbielle “Naiz” ( indep, France). Contrebasse.
Producer/arranger :
§       1993 Juan Del Barrio “El Alma Secreta de las Cosas” (Ciclo3) Argentine. Co Producer.
1995 Rikhi Hambra “Escencia Lila” (Indep. Spain). Bass/Guitar/Keyboards/producer.
§       1995 Osvaldo Burucuá “Paisaje” (PAI3029) Argentine. Bass, Producer.
§           1996 Lina Avellaneda “Ciudadana” (Alfiz/BMG) Argentina. Bass,
keyboards, percussion., arranger, Producer.
       1999 RADAR “Buen Viaje”  (BBP01) France. Bass, Composer, Arranger, Producer.
§       1999 Norberto Pedreira TRÍO “Otras Imagenes” (AIA, France) Basses, Co Arranger, Producer.
       1999 Tres Porteños “Tango Solo Para Bailar” (DedeLand005/France) Bass, Producer.
       2000 Jorge Chaminé “
Alma Latina 1” Tribute to Vinicius.  Bass, Producer
2002 Lagrima Rios “Lagrima en el Sena” (Universal) Contrabass, claviers, Program., Co Producer
2008 Pajaro CanzaniTransamericana (RandomRec) Contrabass, Fretless Bass,  keys, Program., Co Producer






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Born in Chicago, USA, but raised in Colorado, Bobby Rangell started as a classical flutist, and discovered jazz at the age of 19. He continued to learn on his own the saxophone and the art of improvising.

He began playing professionally one year later, touring the USA with soul and rhythm&blues bands as well as his own modern jazz combos. After moving to France in 1980, Bobby was quickly snatched up by French musicians. His group, the co-lead Bobby Rangell-Alain Berquez Quartet won the Concours des Jeunes Interpretes d’Ile de France , in 1983.

The same year Bobby was awarded the soloist prize for saxophone at the Concours National de Jazz  at La Defense.  He played with almost all of the best young French musicians in various contexts. These included the groups of Antoine Hervé, Denis Badault, Laurent Cugny (with Gil Evans), and Claude Barthelemy (the National Jazz Orchestra 89-91). He also toured and played with Randy Brecker and Dave Liebman.

At ease in all styles of music, Bobby has participated and been engaged professionally with world music and pop acts. (Angelique Kidjo, Pascal Lokua Kanza, Idrissa Diop, Ralph Tamar, Malavoi, Henri Guedon, Mario Canonge, Etienne M’Bappé, Alfredo Rodriguez, Orlando Poleo, Patato Valdez, etc. He has worked as well with blues and soul artists such as:  Captain Mercier, Nina Simone, Lavelle and many  American musicians touring Europe.

He has done much sessions work: Nicole Croisille, Veronique Sanson, Jacques Dutronc, Malavoi, Henri Guedon, the Gipsy Kings, Danny Brillant amongst the many others.

Presently he is leading his own group, the « Blood Donation » and playing with: Jean Jacques Milteau Quintet and Septet, the Paris Salsa All Strars, Pedreira Rencontre, the « Zappe Zappa » by Pierre Jean Gaucher, and Jean Louis Martinier’s « Confluences ».


 Antoine Hervé “Big band live du festival de jazz de paris”.
§       Antoine Hervé  “Bop 13”
§       Denis Badault “En vacances au soleil”
§       Abus Dangereux « Bis »
§       Abus Dangereux « Happy French Band »
§       Abus Dangereux « Live »
§       Abus Dangereux  « Jazz’n’roll »
§       Abus Dangereux « Japanese Bop »
§       Laurent Cugny « Eaux Fortes »
§       Gil Evans/Laurent Cugny « Rythm’a’ning »
§       Gil Evans/Laurent Cugny « Golden Hair »
§       Jean Marc Padovani “One For Pablo”
§       ONJ (Claude Barthélémy) “Claire”
§       ONJ (Claude Barthélémy) “Jack-line”
§       Babik Reinhart  “Nuance”
§       Vinz Vonlanthen “Paris Connection”
§       Malavoi “Jou Ouvé”
§       Henri Guedon “African Temple”
§       Idrissa Diop « Rebelle”
§       Victor Sabas “Cassure”
§       Angelique Kidjo “Parakou






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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1963 to a family of musicians (his father a classical pianist, his mother a lyrical singer).

 He arrived in France in 1980 and started his studies of classical percussion at the National Conservatory of Boulogne-Billancourt and at the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Ville D’Avray (gold medal in percussion) with profesors Michel Cals, Jean-claude Tavernier, and Alain Beghin.

 At the same time he has studied drums with Daniel Pichon, Pierre Morlang and Jean-Luc Dayan.

Possesing an open minded musical approach, he plays in many groups of different styles, ranging from chamber music and classical orchestras to jazz, latin, rock and flamenco bands.

         He has recorded and played with:  J.J.Mosalini, Nilda Fernandez, Enzo Gieco, Gustavo Beytelmann, Malou, Bevinda, Sapho, J.C.Caceres,  Enzo Enzo, Miguel Angel Estrella, and Che Tango.

§              Gazon Maudit (bande originale du film)
§                 Juan Carlos Caceres “Toca Tango”
§                 Norberto Pedreira Trio “Otras imagenes”
§                 Romain Didier
§                 François Beranger
§                 Alvaro Bello
§                 Jorge Chaminé « Sem Você »
§                 Tango Nino (musiques pour enfants)
§                 Miguel Angel Estrella & Cuarteto dos Mundos
§                 Philippe Val
§                 Enzo Enzo
§                 Jean Michel Noirey «Questions de Couleurs » 
§                 Minino Garay et Les Tambours du Sud
§                 Paula Estrella&Che Tango “Che Tango”
§                 Bevinda « Alegria »







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